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The building as a machine. With factorymaker, industrial and logistics buildings and their internal processes are seen as a cohesive unit. The AI-supported software solution enables informed design variants for building and process planning to ensure their efficiency and sustainability. factorymaker carries out automated, data-driven variant studies of numerous process and building design options. Each design is subjected to a multi-criteria assessment that takes into account life cycle costs, eco-indicators and flexibility. factorymaker supports decision-makers in the initial planning phases. The holistic simulation of the entire planning area, the transparent mapping of the effects and consequences of different planning variants enables well-founded decisions for sustainable buildings.

Automated Variant

Generation and Optimization

Automated Generation and Optimization of Industrial Layout Designs according to most efficient Material, Personnel and Information Flow and the 3D Building Structure according to various Layout Designs, Materials and Construction Types.

Integrated Data-Driven Simulations, Optimizations and Variant Studies

Rating and

Decision Support

For every Design a Rating regarding it’s Life-Cycle Assessment including Environmental Impact, Flexibility Assessment for Changing Production Needs and Construction Costs Estimations is being evaluated for Stakeholders‘ Decision Support.

Meet our Founder-Team

Maria is a Civil Engineer with work experience in Structural Building Analyses and Industrial System Design (Production and Logistic Processes). Her Mission is to enhance Sustainability and Efficiency of Industrial Facilities.

Julia completed her PhD in Civil Engineering researching the topic of Flexible and Sustainable Industrial Buildings. She has 5 years of work experience and expertise in multi-disciplinary Optimization and Life-Cycle Assessment.

Join us in our mission to enhance the built environment towards ecological and economic sustainability and never miss an update!